Biglietti scontati parco Natura Viva

Natura Viva Park is a great zoo that includes the Safari path, to visit aboard your car, and the Wildlife path, where you can walk among the habitats of animals around the world.

42 hectares of green morainic hills, more than 1,500 animals of 200 wild species from around the world, a tropical greenhouse, a zoo safari and a path dedicated to dinosaurs.

Open from 4 March to early January (except Christmas) every day 9-18 hours
with seasonal variations. Please visit the website.

Staying at Hotel Gardenia Sirmione you can enjoy special discounts on the purchase of tickets:

0-5years: free entrance

6-12 years: Ticket 15 € instead of 17 €

13+ years: Ticket 20 € instead of 22 

For information about the park: